It’s Coming…

November 20, 2010

… and I don’t mean Christmas or, where I live at least, 6 foot of snow… I mean MY RETURN TO THE BLOGOSPHERE.

Yes, I know you’re all excited, but cool your jets as I may only last a week if my picks are crap.  It’s been a while since I last posted, around 8 months to be precise, and I have to say I’ve missed it.  I’ve reloaded Betfair a few times since March though not with any significant amounts and I managed to grow my last deposit of £100 all the way up to £714 before my balance began it’s slow descent back to £0.00.

I’ve said it before in past posts that you can make money from betting – of that I have no doubt – but it really isn’t easy at all especially if you have next to no money with which to start from as it takes ages to get your account balance to a decent level where you can feel like you have a bit more room to breathe.  Having a bit more cash at your disposal can be a bit of a double edged sword though as you are more inclined to have that ‘one more bet’ on something you should not touch with a pole, the thinking being that if you lose then it’s not much of a hit to your bank.  That thinking is what will ultimately land you back down with a zero balance and you sitting with your head in your hands asking yourself how you could have fucked it up yet again.

It’s really easy to preach to others about staying focussed and maintaining discipline but in practice it’s the hardest part of what we do.  Sure, there’ll be times when that bet on unquoted in some tinpot game in South America will net you a decent return, but in the long run if you’re a footy punter you really should be super selective when it comes down to picking matches to get involved in.  The trouble is, is that unless you have a shitload of money in your account you tend to be less selective and even as I sit here typing away I know I’m going to be betting on games between teams whose players shouldn’t get paid in penny washers let alone money.

Anyway, the account will be funded in a couple of days all being well and a new chapter will begin for better or worse and I look forward to any comments, good or not so good.  Until then, good luck with your bets.