Did You See That Goal ?

Fulham’s 4th goal – what a cracker !  An absolutely world class chip from Clint Dempsey stunned the Juve defence and as I type will put Fulham through to the quarter finals of the Europa League.  That strike also helped to double my account balance as I had gone all in on unquoted at just over evens.  Next match will be the Wolfsburg v Rubin Kazan affair.  Back later.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>>  The Wolfsburg game turned out to be pretty much a non event as the money I made from laying the 0-0 half time score was given back after I pressed on and layed the 0-1 half time score.  There were chances, mainly for Rubin, but they amounted to nothing.  I was going to stick to that game but instead chose to lay the 2-2 full time score in the Sporting Lisbon match and that proved to be my undoing as a mainly defensive effort by Atletico Madrid saw to it that Sporting didn’t breach their goals though a clear penalty shout for Sporting was denied.  The game ended 2-2 so my account is effectively wiped out unless I find some long odds on shot to lay but you never know.  Spreadsheet below.

Start Bank      :    4.00
End Bank        :    0.94
Profit / Loss    : – 3.06 (After Commission)


2 Responses to Did You See That Goal ?

  1. thebetfairfootballtrader says:

    keep the blog up pal, it’s a good read!

  2. swearbox says:

    Thanks for the comment Steven…to be honest I’ve been so pissed off with struggling to make money on Betfair that I basically said fuck it until I could do it properly. I just can’t see people wanting to read a blog that is betting oriented that doesn’t have any details about bets (cos my account is empty). I’m really surprised to see that people are still checking in as I haven’t even looked at the blog myself since mid March…it was only today that I got an email to moderate your comment that got me to log in. If people are still checking in then I’ll write something tonight or maybe tomorrow to at least explain where the fuck i’ve been (I had been posting daily up until the 18th). Thanks again for the kick up the arse, and I mean that in a good way ;-).


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