My Rich Vein Of Stupidity Continues

Yes folks, not content with betting on shite in Poland yesterday I simply had to trump that by betting on complete and utter dross in a country that boasts  Ciorba de Burta (Tripe Soup) as a National dish.  I’m talking about Romania and the match between Gaz Metan Medias and CFR Cluj.

I watched the first half and the only scoring chance I saw was a free kick to Cluj which hit the post but the ball bounced back out nicely for the 8ft tall waste of skin that is Lacine Traore who promptly put it into row Z instead of tapping it into what was an open net as the keeper was still lying on the ground after diving to save the free kick.  That was where I bailed out but I checked in with XScores later on to see how the match finished up and discoved that they managed the full 90 minutes without either side scoring.

Following that let down I went out and about, mainly to finish off a  pc tech support job that came my way yesterday.  Turns out the printer was buggered so I had to go and get a new one this morning and install it and make sure everything was running smoothly etc etc (Hi Betty, if you’re reading this :-)).  When I finally got back in the Barca match was underway and true to form they scored a goal just as the countdown timer had begun so my intended lay of 1-0 half time didn’t happen.  I was tempted to back the unquoted but I thought better of it (now wishing I hadn’t) and I’m sitting here typing this and considering which exotic port of call will find me next.  I’m inclined to think it’ll be the Toluca v Columbus Crew match which given the slew of goals in the first leg at Columbus I’m hoping for more of the same tonight.  That’s the news for now so I’ll be back later with an update.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>>  The Toluca match almost produced a decent result for me.  I backed any unquoted from the off and early in the first half Toluca had a shot that hit the underside of the bar and every replay I watched it looked like the ball had crossed the line but the goal wasn’t given.  Toluca ended up winning 3-2 but that goal, had it stood, would have made all the difference to my account.  I layed back my stake plus a bit extra after Toluca got their third goal so I was green whatever the result though I stood to win more had it gone unquoted but that’s life I suppose.

I followed that bet up with a lay of 0-0 half time in the Cruz Azul match and after having watched the latter stages of the first half I have to say that Cruz should be taking this opposing shower to the cleaners but I get this feeling they just don’t want to.  A really decent chance that should have been put away fell to Cruz inside the last few minutes of the half and the camera zoomed in on the idiot that missed and the look on his face was one of smug satisfaction at having fluffed a golden chance – almost like he wasn’t meant to score.  I hope I’m wrong and this match finishes with a few goals but I wouldn’t be surprised if it finishes 0-0 but regardless I’m taking no further part in it. 

As usual I’m finding it difficult to move off the mark with my account growing a bit then shrinking back again…with the piddling amount of money in there I’ll be having a meltdown soon and committing it all and losing it and to be honest it’ll be a blessing as I’m tired of this bullshit.  Anyway, tomorrow is another day and you never know, I might just get past the tenner mark.  Spreadsheet below (though the final score in the Cruz match isn’t known yet but I’ll update the spready when I have that info).

UPDATE>>>>>>>>>  I’ve changed my mind about the Cruz match…I’m watching the second half now and a different Cruz have come out so I’ve backed the unquoted again (though the price I got was after the first goal was scored).  If they score again fairly soon there’s a greening opportunity.  Back in a bit .

UPDATE>>>>>>>>>  Well fuck my luck !  It’s 2-0 with about 15 left to play and the price to lay unquoted was creeping ever closer to the price I got to back it so I layed off my stake plus a tiny bit extra and a nanosecond after I got matched Cruz scored a third goal.  Had I waited an extra minute I could have layed off for at least a 15 – 20 quid profit whatever the result.  In the end I ended up losing on the game and as is typical they squandered several chances in the final few minutes to leave me more infuriated.  Spreadsheet below.

Start Bank      :    9.03
End Bank        :    4.00
Profit / Loss    : – 5.03 (After Commission)


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