Same Crap Different Day

I almost forgot to post today as it’s been pretty much a non day for decent football but as I’ve placed a bet (and lost) I have to stick it up here so you can see what a tool I have been for getting involved in crud that is best left for the Asian match fixing elite. 

I was researching footy stats and the like earlier in the day and I found myself drawn into an article about match fixing and started looking a bit more into it.  I was surprised to learn that no competition appears to be safe, whether it be a second division match in Uzbekistan or a Champions League qualifier, the fixers are buying just about everybody.  There is supposedly a worldwide effort to crack down on this but after watching some of the games I’ve recently watched I would say the good guys aren’t winning.

So with that said, and bearing in mind that some of the worst offenders are from Eastern bloc countries, I decided to make my first port of call the Polish Cup match between Ruch Chorzow (who ?) and Legia Warsaw.  I’m still laughing to myself thinking of what a completely stupid move that was but hey ho, it’s only money.  As I type I can tell you that the first half finished goalless (surprise surprise) but I really don’t know how the match ended and to be honest I really couldn’t care less.

The only stuff on offer tonight is Copa shite and I’m going to go out of the frying pan (Poland) and into the fire (Peru) by having a go in the match between Juan Aurich and Alianza Lima.  Fucking typical, as I’m typing all I hear is “GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAALL”…it appears Lima have scored.  I’m off before the goals dry up…I have no money in my account to speak of but laying the 0-1 half time score will be my bet.  Back later.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>>  Well thankfully things went my way in Peru with the first half ending up 2-1 to Juan Aurich.  I can’t be bothered waiting until the match is over to fill out my spreadsheet so I’m posting it up with only the first half goals showing.  A tremendous effort from me today with a bank  increase of almost ten shillings in old money, spreadsheet below.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>>  The bloody dogs woke me up at stupid o’clock to go out so I took the liberty of pasting in the updated spreadsheet showing the final score in the Juan Aurich match,,,

Start Bank      :    8.57
End Bank        :    9.03
Profit / Loss    : + 0.46 (After Commission)


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