Spring Forward…

…Fall Back, so the saying here in Canada goes as a reminder as to which way to turn the clocks (forward or back) and in what season.  The clocks duly went forward here and I set my alarm for 6am so I could be up and ready for the first game on my programme, Rubin Kazan v Lokomotiv Moscow.  I got myself installed with a cup of tea, layed the 0-0 half time score, then started to look for a feed but found nothing.  Five more minutes passed and still the damn game hadn’t gone in play so I checked the off time again in case I’d got it wrong – 11am UK time was the stated time as I correctly thought it was.  Still no action by 6.15 my time so I went back to bed and set the clock for 7 am in readiness for the games starting at midday UK time.  By the time I got back to the pc it was about ten minutes past seven (my time) and I noticed the Rubin game was still in play which I found odd as even with a relatively late kick off the first half should be over.  Then I noticed the odds for 0-0 at half time were only 2.5 to lay, which meant that the game was barely 15 minutes old given the odds I had layed the score at.  Then it hit me…the stinking clocks don’t go forward in the UK for another two weeks so I’ve effectively robbed myself of an extra hour in bed.  Oh the injustice !

I watched the Rubin game, English commentator and all, and it was obvious that nothing was going to come of the first half as a scrappy playing surface and tight marking made for a dour game with only one real chance for the vistors being totally fluffed right at the end of the half.  I wasn’t sure where to go for my next game – the Rangers match didn’t really attract me as much as the Kaiserslautern game did but with a good half hour between the two kick offs I found a feed and watched a bit of the Scottish game.  It turned out to be quite a pacey affair which I like and Rangers were at the time really going for it so I chose to stick with the game and layed the 0-0 half time.  Anyone who watched the first half will tell you that Dundee Utd weren’t without chances and as a result of a Rangers blunder they opened the scoring with plenty of time left on the clock for more goals.  I layed the 0-1 and set about making some breakfast.  The sound of the commentator going bananas made it’s way to the kitchen and I knew a second goal had been scored.  By the time I got back to the pc the scoreline read 2-1 with Rangers having converted twice from the penalty spot.  The next game will be the Man Utd game which has just gone in play so I’m off to watch it.  Back later.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>>  Looks like I’m in trouble again after picking three 0-0 half time draws on the trot, the United match being ne of them .  I picked a bit back after Ajax laid waste to PSV but that game was sandwiched between shite and more shite.  The Sunderland v City game looked pretty lively but following the first goal City were just dire and Sunderland, while they looked up for it, never really troubled the City goal for the rest of the first half so my lay of the 1-0 went down the pan.  Following swiftly round the u bend was the Copenhagen v Brondby game.  I really couldn’t get a decent feed so I settled for watching Betfair and waiting for the Suspended that never came (at least in the first half).  An attempt to get out of jail in the Barca match looked promising (I started by backing Valencia at big odds hoping for an early upset) as Valencia put up a good display in the first half but it wasn’t long into the second half before Leo the Lion danced his way through the box and slotted home Barca’s first.  I lost interest at that point but layed Barca just in case Valencia had enough in the tank to equalise but then they got a man sent off and the writing was on the wall.  My account is fucked again and only divine intervention can save it now.  I really can’t be arsed with all this pressure I’m putting on myself so for today at least, I’m done.  Spreadsheet below.

Start Bank      :    100.23
End Bank        :    10.71
Profit / Loss    : – 89.52 (After Commission)


One Response to Spring Forward…

  1. kokoooooooo says:

    same here mate, made the wrong bet on the real m game (unders)and all the work from the last two days went in dust. no any luck recently 😦

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