Back In The Saddle

Saturday just wouldn’t be the same without a bit of football and while I enjoy watching a match or two it holds that little bit more interest when money is riding on the outcome.  I reloaded my Betfair account, albeit with a very small deposit, so here we go again.  The objective remains the same as before and that is to attempt to increase my bank by at least 10% per betting day.  I’m not going to be very adventurous, mainly sticking to lays of the 0-0 half time scores, but where an opportunity looks like it might yield a profit I will bet as necessary.  One such opportunity has already come and gone and thankfully produced my first winning bet of this newly funded account and that was a lay of the 1-1 scoreline in the Hull City v Arsenal game.  I actually placed the bet with just over 10 minutes remaining and shortly after that  Hull signalled their intentions by pulling off a striker and shoring up their defence.  From there on it was all Arsenal who seemed to get extra motivation after 6 minutes of extra time was announced, scoring in, I think, the 92nd minute and the lay came good.

I followed up with a lay of 0-0 in the Sporting Braga v Rio Ave match and Braga found the net 16 minutes in after a shot deflected off the ankle of a Rio defender to push the ball past the outstretched arms of the diving Braga ‘keeper.

I don’t want to get too carried away with my new found wealth but I’m not finished for the day yet.  My next port of call was to have been the Nijmegan v Roda match but as soon as I located the feed I was treated to the sight of Roda scoring so I’m not sure whether or not to press on with that game.  Anyway, that’s the news so far, I’ll be back later with an update.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>>  So a successful first day back following the reload.  I took a small loss on the NEC Nijmegan game as no further goals were scored in the first half though it was a fairly lively game.  Thereafter my lays of 0-0 half time scores at Sevilla and Academica both came off to see a 43% hike in the account balance and that is where my day ends. 

It’s days like today that give me hope.  Five simple bets (and one was a loser) is all it took to get a huge bank increase in percentage terms.  I know what kind of bets I’m comfortable with and what kind of bets I should steer away from yet I still continue to make mistakes.  With football the only bets that make sense are those that don’t depend solely on one team or the other – I call them open ended bets – so I’m talking things like Overs, laying a current score (given time on the clock), anything that produces your desired result regardless of which team scores the next goal. 

I really am sick and tired of saying one thing and doing another so from today on I’m going to stick rigidly to a simple plan and move this thing forward.  Spreadsheet below.

Start Bank      :    70.15
End Bank        :    100.23
Profit / Loss    : +30.08 (After Commission)


6 Responses to Back In The Saddle

  1. kokoooooooo says:

    good luck with the new reload 🙂

  2. Yep good luck with the new account, and I hope you’re feeling better soon

    Have just come across your blog and been enjoying catching up, have added you to my blog list.

    Do you think you could do the same with mine please? I follow horse racing market moves, which I find to be profitable (although its been a poor few months in general).


  3. swearbox says:

    Hi CD and thanks for the good wishes. Today has seen this flu thing kind of ‘break’ I think so I should be back on an even keel fairly soon.

    Good luck with the horses. Several years ago the only thing I was involved with was horse racing and for a time it was very profitable though the period leading up to it was probably just as good in that I learned a lot about different racing ‘services’ and I was amazed at just how many bullshitters there were whose sole interest was inflating their bank balance at the expense of, basically, mug punters.

    If you’re able to find a niche that works for you then all credit to you – it’s hard enough trying to make money when things are straight but I find that horse racing is so bent I’ve forced myself to stay away from it so I wish you all the luck in the world.


  4. Edgehunters says:

    Hi Swearbox

    Good luck with the new reload. As always I will be following your progress

  5. swearbox says:

    Thanks Mark, it’ll be tricky for a while as I didn’t put a lot in so there’s not much to fall back on if things go wrong. Need a few games to go my way nice and early.


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