Last Night Sucked

My betting account has a nil balance as you probably know if you’ve been keeping up.  That in itself is bad enough but to add insult to injury this damn flu virus thing I’m suffering with is getting progressively worse.  I even opted to sleep in the spare bed last night as I just couldn’t stop coughing or sneezing, both of which caused my chest to feel like it was being raked over on the inside by a wire brush.  I was in and out of sleep pretty much all night as breathing was difficult lying down so I propped myself up with a bunch of pillows in the end.  I finally got comfortable at around 6am only for my peace to last about an hour as the dogs came marching in and mobbed me.

As far as funding my account goes I might leave it til Monday to give this shitty flu a chance to work it’s way out of me but then again I might get back into it tomorrow, depends how I feel.  Today is going to be spent lying on the bed watching CNN, CSI re-runs, and whatever else takes my fancy.  Whatever you get up to yourselves I hope you have better luck than me on the punt.  Back tomorrow.


2 Responses to Last Night Sucked

  1. kokoooooooo says:

    When I read your blog I smile to myself how I can be so similar to your trading and we even never met before. I guess thats the most common errors we all make and never learn from it. Why I wonder? I do absolutely the same as you, start with a small stake and gradually build it until I lose all or most of it in one/two trades. I also firmly believe money can be made from football trading. I guess it is all in the mind and my motto is now to win the war not the fight.I wish you all the best and hope you have better days. Keep up the good work

  2. swearbox says:

    Thanks Kokoooooooo,

    I’ve written a fair bit on here and I’ve contributed to many many threads on various betting related forums / websites with words about how to become better at making (and holding onto) money but it seems I’m only talking the talk and not walking the walk.

    There’s a saying that ‘it takes money to make money’ and I firmly believe that but no amount of starting pot is good enough if your overall approach is flawed. But that said, I also think that without a decent starting bank we’re pissing in the wind from the get go.

    There’s no substitute for the feeling of knowing you have enough money available to call upon if needed. It brings with it a security and almost balances you as an individual. The converse is true when you know you don’t have what you need in case of an emergency or whatever. It puts you off balance and drives you to do things you wouldn’t have otherwise done – these are the times when the word ‘discipline’ matters more than any other. It’s easy to be disciplined when you know you don’t really need to try to add ‘just a few more pounds’ to the account balance.

    I’m sure my turn will eventually come around again to be able to give this a serious go but it’ll take a lot of luck and a mountain of effort.


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