I Hear Voices…

… telling me “Get a grip you buffoon.”.  I’m half dead with a throat infection, my head hurts, and I should be laying around in bed doing nothing but I’m not.  Instead I’m sitting here trying to make amends for yesterday’s losses and moreover I started the day without any kind of plan whatsoever.

I got another email containing a list of lays for the day (horses) if the prices were available on Betfair.  I missed the first three or four but the fifth one on the list hadn’t yet run so I went with that.  It was 1/2 on when it went off but that’s OK, many a 1/2 shot has been beaten in the past and this one only just managed to keep it’s head in front to thwart me.  Instead of now sticking to a laying plan based around the rest of the list I wandered aimlessly to a 3m 6f handicap chase at Exeter and backed the favourite because people who know more than me about it thought it’s chances were very good.  My intention was always to lay off somewhere between 2.0 and 3.0 but the horse has to actually finish the race and finish well to ever have a chance of that coming off.  The nag was pulled up before the 4th last.

That was enough of that so finally I turned my attentions to what I think suits me best and that’s the football.  I started off with the Al Gharafa v Al Ahli match and I have to say that these guys get 10/10 for both commitment and enthusiasm.  The first half was end to end stuff finishing with a goal apiece and the second half produced three more goals to see the home side nick it 3-2 with two goals only minutes apart.  If these guys could finish as well as they could actually set up scoring chances it could have been a rugby score.

I’ve moved on to the Al Ittihad v Zob Ahan match hoping for more of the same.  While my initial lay of 0-0 at half time is in I’m not sure whether or not to pursue this match any further as I can’t find a feed to watch it.  Anyway, I’m a whopping £5.65 up on the day so far so it’s onwards and upwards.  More later when the proper footy gets going (hoping for a goalfest in the Arsenal Porto game).

UPDATE>>>>>>>>> I’m at the point of giving this shit up…at least I’ll retain my sanity.  The Arsenal Porto match was great though not many would have expected a 5-0 scoreline.  I took a few quid from that game and moved on to the Copa match between Bolivar and Estudiantes.  I wish I hadn’t.

It’s about to finish 0-0 and my account will be decimated when the ref blows up for full time.  I wouldn’t mind so much if I got a run for my money, and by that I mean where the teams don’t score because of awesome goalkeeping.  But that wasn’t the case – this was just shocking from start to finish.  OK the match was played at altitude so maybe you could excuse Estudiantes for trying to reserve a bit of energy but no excuses for Bolivar as that’s their home pitch (some shitty pitch it was too – I’ve been on military exercises with less bumpy terrain).

Both teams should have scored at least twice, period.  Their total lack of aptitude in front of goal suggests they go and find another job as football clearly doesn’t suit.  Estudiantes should have pissed this game and would piss it 99 times out of 100 but not tonight it seems.  Going forward it’s going to be a long old struggle as I’m pretty much back to tiny bets again but there we go. 

I hate having so little money to do this with.  It’s a handicap. It’s like fighting with one arm tied behind your back.  I really do believe you can make a living from betting, really and truly I believe that, but you can’t do it without a little bit of money to start off with.  I could launch into an essay here so I’m going to force myself to stop and go away to have a think about how I go about resolving things to my satisfaction.  Spreadsheet etc below.

Start Bank      :    443.16
End Bank        :    232.76
Profit / Loss    : – 210.4 (After Commission)


2 Responses to I Hear Voices…

  1. sleazynick says:


    Sorry to hear about this loss, i was stung by the same game.

    However, when watching the stream it became apparant that the game was awful so i exited around 60 mins and cut my losses.

    Perhaps, you should give yourself a stop loss or cut off point to get out if the game isnt up to much?

  2. swearbox says:

    Hi Sleazynick and thanks for taking the time to comment.

    I know that what you say makes good sense and if I’m honest I would say that I really shouldn’t be betting in Copa matches at all as the standard of football is terrible on the whole. These matches are so unpredictable – you can have a game that’s 0-0 at half time that finishes unquoted and that’s why I stuck with it. 1 goal was all I needed to get me out of jail in that match but it never came.

    I’m trying to build my bank up and as such I’m betting on nearly anything (with the exception of Greek matches). Today is another day and hopefully I’ll come away unscathed.


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