Sick Poorly Dying Dead

I started yesterday with some kind of throat infection thing which has carried through to today adding a throbbing head and a sore back to the mix.  That said I’ve decided to try for a 10% bank increase, more if possible, and so far I’m on track after a visit to Lingfield & Stratford where a couple of lays and a foolish back (when I was told differently) have added £26 to my bank so only around £50 to find.

I rarely visit the horsey markets these days but a very trusted friend has emailed me some info relating to the perceived chances of various nags throughout the day.  They are all lays but I actually backed the Pat Eddery trained Kenzwick after listening to William Hill radio where all the pundits were predicting an Eddery plot.  Kenzwick finished a never nearer third and I cursed myself for not sticking to what I was told. 

I won’t be getting any further involved in the racing today as I’m waiting for the footy but there are two horses left on the list and I’ll put them up here just for interest’s sake though I have to point out that while they may lose they appeared on a list of horses that are to be layed according to a predetermined laying strategy so my advice would be to watch them only.  The horses and the price at which they should be layed at (according to the system) are as follows:

Ling 5.30 EXCEED POWER – lay at 3.0 or below
Ffos Las 5.40 SIR BERE – lay at 3.2 or below

I’m off now to look at the footy and see if I can find something to get stuck into.  An update will appear later.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>>  Thankfully the two nags I posted up both lost saving me from looking like a tool however my foray into todays football has backfired.  I really should have known better but I went ahead and layed the 3-2 in the correct score market at half time in the Slavia Prague match only to be fucked off by the cheating Czech bastards as they managed to play a full second half without troubling the nets any further.  I’m not having it that this wasn’t an arranged result – you don’t get 5 goals in the first half followed by none in the second without there being extenuating circumstances.  All of yesterdays efforts have been nullified by this bollocks and I’m quietly seething.  Not sure what to do with the rest of the footy…back later on.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>>  I managed to pick the worst game in the history of football to bet on since I last posted.  I’m talking about the complete and utter drivel served up by Bielefeld and Karlsruhe.  I don’t really have enough bad things to say about the lack of commitment, ineptitude in front of goal, complete lack of running off the ball, the list is endless.  A lucky strike in the first half by the visitors is what is currently separating the two sides and since the goal has gone in it’s been all downhill from there.  I’ve got every conceivable score covered with the exception of the current score which I’m sure is how it will finish.  I’ve taken another hammering today so I’m off to lick my wounds.  Spreadsheet below.

Start Bank      :    773.96
End Bank        :    443.16
Profit / Loss    : – 330.8 (After Commission)


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