Quick Sunday Update

I toyed with having a day off today as Mrs Swearbox wants to go out and about but I had the whole morning and a bit of the afternoon to kill so I went about the task of trying to get my 10% bank increase.

The Cagliari game looked like it had goals written all over it so I had a back of over 3.5 goals at half time when the score was 1-2.  Cagliari managed to find the equaliser and that’s the way the game ended and my money was safe.

As the Everton v Hull clash was on TV I decided to make that my next port of call and anyone who failed to make money on that game must be doing something wrong.  Six goals were scored and my three seperate bets on this game, placed as the game progressed, netted me more than I needed on the day to achieve my minimum goal (10% increase of bank).  It’s almost time to leave to go out so that’s me calling it a day.  Spreadsheet below.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>>  I just noticed after looking at my spreadsheet that over the past fewdays I screwed a part of it up so some of the numbers don’t jive.  The total that is on the same row as the last recorded bet is correct, it’s just that the totals on the rolling totals row towards the very bottom are out of whack.  I’ve fixed it for the spreadsheet in this post but I’ll have to go back through previous ones to see which need an updated image (which will be a royal pain in the arsehole but needs must as I want everything to be in order).  I have to go out so I’ll atend to it when I get back.

Start Bank      :    682.57
End Bank        :    773.96
Profit / Loss    : + 91.39 (After Commission)


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