Right Back At It

Those who read yesterdays posing will know my account took a battering so today is the first day of my bid to retrieve the losses.  When you break things down into manageable little chunks you really can see that with a bit of luck there’s light at the end of the tunnel so with that in mind I have a plan for recovery.

It may sound ludicrous to some but as I’m not in the fortunate position of having thousands in my betting bank I tend to be far more aggressive in my attitude to risk.  This could be a bad thing but I’m not about to change things or else we’ll be a year down the line and I’ll still be bank building instead of using the bank to make a steady little income…there is a difference detween the two in that when you’re bank building you don’t touch it you just grow it.  When it’s at a point that you feel is enough then you can start taking money out.

Anyway, the plan is simple – in the short term I’m going to be aiming for 10% of the bank balance minimum on a daily basis.  If I make 10% in my first bet then I’m not necessarily done for the day, I’ll be moving on to 10% of the new balance and so on.  The idea is to make at least that 10% for a while to try to get this bank to where I need it.

I said yesterday that the loss I suffered could be a good thing as when you have a sustained good run you tend to get that superhuman feeling that nothing can get in your way but betting on sporting events has a way of slapping you in the face and waking you up.  Yesterday I got slapped.

My first bet in this quest isn’t one that most would pick but we pay our money and take our choice.  I’ve layed the 0-0 half time in the Portsmouth v Birmingham FA Cup match.  There’s only 15 minutes left and it’s still 0-0 but I’m counting on my money management strategy behind the scenes to see me through the day (given I don’t pick all 0-0’s).  Anyway, there you go, I’m just going to get stuck into it and will be back later with several updates (I hope).

UPDATE>>>>>>>>> The stress of the past few hours has been unbelievable.  My day started off on the wrong note when the Portsmouth match produced a goalless first half so straight away I was on the back foot.  Then I managed a run of 7 matches where my picks produced money and I should have stopped at that but with so many games still left I decided to ride my luck a little further.  That turned out to be a very bad move as the next 4 matches all went against me and instead of being up by around 160 quid I was down almost 250 from my days starting bank.  I was going to call it quits there when I switched the TV on and caught the start of the Real Madrid match and Almeria had gone a goal up.  I heard the commentator saying that historically this fixture has always produced plenty of goals so I threw caution to the wind and backed 3-2 and 2-3 in the correct score market.  An impressive fight back from not one but two goals down saw Real Madrid emerge as the winners by a score of 3 goals to 2 and I couldn’t have been happier when that third goal went in.

It was a big let off for me today as I could easily have thrown the toys out of the pram (well I practically did do) and blown my whole bank but that amazing RM performance saw to it that my intial bank soared by over 60% on the day.  It’s been stressful like I said…watching Barca draw was a hard one to take as you kind of expect them to win all the time so that was a big loss in itself.  And wishing for that 3rd goal in the Madrid match, but hoping that if it comes please let it be right at the end so they don’t get a chance to score more, I was up and down like a yo yo reacting to the game.  I might take a day off tomorrow or at least not go so mad…we’ll have to see how it turns out.  Anyway, spreadsheet below etc, posted in two screenshots as the action wouldn’t all fit on one.

Start Bank      :    416.91
End Bank        :    682.57
Profit / Loss    : + 265.66 (After Commission)


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