Friday Football

This week has so far been dire as far as footy is concerned and today is no different though there is one match that I’m interested in a little later on. In the meantime I’ve had a small interest in the game going on right now between Hansa Rostock and Ahlen. The score is currently 0-1 so it’s added a little zip to the proceedings. With 20 odd minutes left I’ve layed this score in the half time correct score market so we’ll see how that goes.

Later on I’ll be getting into the Fortuna Dusseldorf v Gruether Furth game where I’m hoping for goals. Dusseldorf have been rock solid at home and are averaging over 2 goals per game so if that trend continues then we should have some money making opportunities though I’m torn between dutching scores or just pumping a bet on Dusseldorf at around evens in the Match Odds market on Betfair. Either way I think it’ll be a home win. I’ll be back later on with an update.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>> Well what a disaster of a day.  Hansa absolutely battered Ahlen but they couldn’t find the net so that game ended 0-1 and my day began on a downer.  I’ve just finished shouting at the monitor after watching a dismal time wasting performance by Gruether Furth following a red card for the home side.  To be fair neither team looked like they knew what to do in front of goal with chances fluffed at both ends and the goalless draw saw my account shrink by a whopping 55% on the day.  I totally blew my discipline out of the water as I really expected at least one goal in this game so I layed the 0-0 score for more than I should. 

I’m thoroughly pissed off with myself for allowing other distractions to cloud my judgement.  I’m rebuilding my girlfriend’s pc and I’m having mickey mouse problems with it that have frustrated the fuck out of me and it’s carried through to affect my mood and my judgement.  Anyway, at least I’m not totally blown out of the water and tomorrow is another day.  Spreadsheet below.

Start Bank      :    933.33
End Bank        :    416.91
Profit / Loss    : – 516.42 (After Commission)


2 Responses to Friday Football

  1. Cassini says:

    Credit to you for posting so soon after a big loss. It’s usually a couple of days before I can face seeing it in print! Good luck tomorrow, and make sure you learn from today. It could be cheap lesson! GL

  2. swearbox says:

    Cheers mate…I’m pig sick to be honest and not looking forward to tomorrow in case I get off to a bad start…that’s the last thing I need. In a way I’m gladI took a hit as I haven’t had a losing day for quite a while so I needed bringing back down to earth…just wish the landing wasn’t quite so hard. Tomorrow is another day though and at least there’ll besome decent matches to go at. You’ll know one way or the other how things shaped up after I post. Thx for posting.


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