There Is A God After All…

… and anyone who doesn’t believe me should read my ‘I’m Spewing’ post then, more importantly, check out the comments.  Enough said.

I know I’m going to be out again today so I’m trying to get this post out before the phone rings.  The international fodder on offer doesn’t really turn me on but I think there’s a standout bet to be had and I’m already on.  I have layed the England U21 side at 1.55 as I don’t think they’ll be able to boss the Greeks about like the price suggests. 

England were lucky not to lose on their last encounter with Greece in September and it was only the fine efforts of ‘keeper Scott Loach that kept them in the match.  England have it all to play for here as a win would propel them to the top of the table but a defeat would be a real blow as they would have to win their next two games to ensure they make it through to the finals next summer.  That said, England know what’s at stake here so it’s up to them to make a game of it but the Greeks are no mugs and for my bet to be a loser England have to score at least one more than them.  Bring it on.

That’s it for now.  Back later on.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>> I’m back in after helping a mate do some concreting and I’m pleased to see that my thoughts on the England U21 game were correct.  I was kind of following the game on a Blackberry by checking the scores now and then and at 2-0 I called Betfair and placed a fiver on England at 19.5 and it was only really a greening up exercise.  I’m quite comfortable giving a bit back even when it looks likely that your first back or lay is going to be a winner…I’ve been bitten on the arse too many times in the past where I’ve been greedy and let bets ride only to find a team or a horse has overcome an incredible disadvantage to do me at the death.  So a few more quid has been added to the account and I’m edging ever closer to the four figure sum which isn’t a bad effort considering there was only 32 quid and change in there just 17 days ago.  I hope the next grand comes as quickly !  Spreadsheet below.

Start Bank      :    890.49
End Bank        :    933.33
Profit / Loss    : + 42.84 (After Commission)


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