Finding Money In The Street

I was stationed at RAF Leuchars at the time and we’d run out of milk so I jumped in the car and set off for the local shop to remedy the situation.  As I drove past the Sergeants Mess my peripheral vision spotted something fluttering in the road and a nanosecond later it was having a conversation with my brain ‘That’s a tenner on the road there’ said peripheral vision, ‘Best we stop and look then’ replied the brain.  So I stopped the car right in front of the entrance to the mess, opened the door to get out, and spotted not one but five crisp tenners nestling along the verge between the far side of the road and the grass.  I scooped them up and trousered them in one swift motion, got back in the car and drove off.  They paid for an excellent curry that evening courtesy of The Balaka in St Andrews (if you ever visit St Andrews and like your curry that’s the place to go.  I’ll go so far as to say if you’re within 50 miles of St Andrews and fancy a curry that’s the place to go).  Anyway, what’s the point of telling you this ?  The point is the punting equivalent of finding money in the street is about 12 minutes away and I’m referring to the price about Man Utd to beat Villa in the Carling Cup final.

Fergie likes Silverware and I don’t think he’ll be disappointed today.  United were all over Villa when they last met even though they were reduced to 10 for much of the game.  Fergie has left Wayne Rooney on the bench I believe, opting to start with Michael Owen instead, throwing a definite curve ball right from the off.  I take United to win this by 2 goals clear but my opening move is an outright back of Utd at around evens.  Got to go as it’s time to get set up etc.  Back later.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>> That was a lot harder than I thought it would be I have to admit as Villa certainly made a game of it.  When the second favourites score first in any match it really helps to set up good trading opportunities and this match was no different as my first thought following the goal was to bung some more on Man U at the inflated odds of 3.5.  This tactic paid off after Michael Owen levelled the score so I was then able to go about greening up the book.  A couple of extra insurance bets followed after United’s second goal in the second half to make sure that I got a reasonable return in the event of a late equaliser while not depleting the profits too much if United held on to their lead.

Prior to this match I had got involved in the Old Firm derby of all things, laying the 0-0 half time score.  The heads down rush forward approach by both teams saw to it that a lot of promising forays forward were given away needlessly as players just concentrated on gaining ground as opposed to seeking out a team mate in space.  I dropped this match at half time taking a loss of 28 quid and moved on to the Spurs game where I recouped most of what I’d dropped on the Rangers game.  My next move was to try and go ahead with a lay of the 0-0 half time score in the Groningen v Feyenoord match.  A shitty playing surface couldn’t be blamed for the scoreless first half as five goals were scored in the second half but my interest was lost at half time and I waited for the United Villa match to begin.

There are a fair few games left but not all are to be trusted – the likes of the Greeks, The Brazilians, and the Portufuese are notorious for not delivering when you really need them to.  That said I’m going with another nation that can also be very lazy when they have a mind to be and the game in question is the one between Puebla and Jaguares.  Over 2.5 is the call here and hopefully the goals will flow…match has started so will disappear for now.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>> Only one word to describe the Puebla game – goalfest.  I got a bit worried in the first half when I looked to check the price changes following the first goal as the word ‘suspended’ refused to leave my screen.  Dunno what happened as I returned to the match just hoping for the goals in case the match never went back in play but at some point normal service was resumed and I had the option of trading out but a second goal was scored so I let the bet ride.  Final score was 3-3 so a good result for goalbackers.

I was going to call it a day but the Atletico Madrid match is on TV so I’ve had a dutch of 2-1 and 2-2, I’m also going to lay the 0-0 half time score for the quivalent of my stakes in the correct score market as soon as the price becomes low enough.  Back later with a final update.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>> Well I’m glad I pressed on as an incident packed match saw Valencia reduced to 10 men after 28 minutes and then they lost another man late in the second half, though it took 70 odd minutes for Atletico to finally get their noses in front.  I had most of the scores from 2-1 onwards covered but a bit of frantic trading towards the end saw to it that pretty much any score would guarantee a good return (barring the unlikely event that a 9 man Valencia could overcome the opposition and win the game).  I did try to get 20 quid on unquoted at 22.0 when the score was still 2-1 but just as my bet was being taken the suspended sign came up signalling Atletico’s third goal so I had to make do with 4.5 after the dust settled.  Atletico ran out the comfortable winners by 4 goals to 1 to see me account balance increase by 44% on the day so a very pleasing days work.

Before I go I’d like to add my congratulations to team Canada in the men’s hockey final.  Their overtime goal to see off team USA by 3 goals to 2 ensured that millions of Canadians here and across the world will be going home very happy and extremely drunk.  P & L below.

Start Bank      :    616.98
End Bank        :    890.49
Profit / Loss    : + 273.51 (After Commission)


2 Responses to Finding Money In The Street

  1. Edgehunters says:

    Hi Swearbox

    Good call on the Man Utd match again. I am going to start listening more intently when ever you voice your opinion about them again.

    Good Luck


  2. swearbox says:

    Hi Mark, and thanks for looking in.

    I’m by no means an expert at this footy thing and today’s match was a tad scary especially when fairly large sums can be lost if you don’t get it right. Having said that I’m learning quite a lot about market manipulation and barring a complete disaster there are quite a number of ways to either limit the damage or even turn a negative into a positive. Today has been a really good one for me and long may it continue but as I’ve said before it’s good days like this that can lead to that feeling on invincibility and before you know it you’ve done half your bank.

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