Bad News For The Expat

It looks like today is going to be a write off as Mrs Swearbox’s computer has blown up.  The shitty power bar to which it was plugged in has failed to stop a surge of some sort and with 5 visible blown capacitors on the motherboard it’s now officially dead.  To keep the peace I am now forced to fix it so it’s off to the shops to source a new board followed by backing up all her stuff (hope the hard drive isn’t fucked or there WILL be fireworks believe me) then reinstalling XP and then copying all her stuff back…oh the joy!  I will return later on.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>> Quick update…Mrs Swearbox has decided that my primary task is to hang a blind so the pc job is on hold for a bit.  My interest for the day was to have started with the Stuttgart v Frankfurt match and 3 goals in the first half say to me this tie isn’t done yet so I’ve stepped in with a lay of 2-1 in the correct score market.  Back later.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>> Well, close but no cigar there.  Stuttgart ballsed up a really good chance with about 5 minutes to go that would have seen me win 25 instead of lose 50 but there we go.  I don’t mind losing if the teams are trying.  It’s when they blatantly don’t give a toss that I take exception to.  Anyway, moving on, the next port of call is the Coliseum Alfonso Perez where Getafe play host to Real Zaragoza.

The final outcome should be a home win but regardless I’m hoping for a few goals here as Zaragoza are a very leaky outfit away from home and by contrast Getafe seem to be fairly solid at home averaging almost 2 goals per game.  I’m undecided about whether or not to go for over 2.5 or over 3.5 or to dutch a couple of correct scores though I will be laying the 0-0 half time score if the game starts lively enough.  Beginning my day with a 50 pound reversal isn’t ideal as it does tend to cloud my judgement sometimes but all things being even I hope to turn things around on this game.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>> I’ve already sustained a huge loss relative to my bank on the Getafe game.  Zaragoza opened the scoring early after the Getafe keeper screwed up thus rendering my back of 3-0 on the correct scores market null and void leaving 3-1 still running.  Getafe’s odds climbed from 1.8 to 3.0 so I backed Getafe.  I was away from my pc when I heard the goooooooooooooooaaaalll coming from the speakers so I returned only to find Zaragoza had gone another goal up.  This rendered my correct score of 3-1 useless and unless there is a mighty fight back from Getafe my win bet in the match odds section is down the pan also.  I tried to limit the damage by laying the 0-2 half time score but a total loss of focus from Getafe (they almost conceded a third, again due to a keeper blunder, saved only by the upright) meant that the score remained unchanged.  Getafe had a corner towards the end of the half and they totally fucked it up opting for a short pass….what the fuck is it with short corners ?? They are a complete waste of time in my opinion.  Anyway, the cross that eventually was attempted went out for a throw in on the far side, not even troubling the 18 yard box.  This day is turning out to be a really bad one, all things considered.  Back later if I haven’t slit my wrists.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>> They saying ‘out of the frying pan and into the fire’ best describes my attempt at recouping some of my losses by betting on the second half of the Getafe match.  The spreadsheet shows the myriad ways I tried to get out of jail but the score didn’t change and for me to make anything back required at least one more goal.  Zaragoza came really close towards the end but it wasn’t to be and I lost well over 50% of my bank. 

I know I shouldn’t have done this but I have had a meltdown and plunged on over 2.5 goals in the Tenerife v Real Madrid match.  The remainder of my account is all on bar 8 quid and so far no one has scored and already I’m getting that sinking feeling.  Anyway, must go and see how things turn out.  Back later.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>> I’m sitting here and can’t quite believe my good fortune.  I came away from the Real Madrid match 130 quid better off following their 5-1 thumping of Tenerife.  Buoyed by this I decided to try and claw some more back from the Barca match, feeling sure that over 2.5 must be on the cards.  How could it not be with Barca playing at home ?  I lumped on over 2.5 at, on the face of it, mickey mouse odds, and sat ready to trade out.  First half finishes and no goals…Barca were missing chances left and right.  I looked at the price for over 3.5 and it had reached 2.94 so I lumped more on, my thinking being that surely they will come out and nick a goal nice and early thus forcing the price back down and I would have an easy trade to bag some green.  Wrong again.  It took until the 68th minute for Barca to break the deadlock but the price for over 2.5 remained higher than I had taken it so I had to sit tight.  The equaliser from Malaga came in the 81st minute so I was in with a chance of getting out unscathed instead of losing 300 quid on this game alone.  The price for overs was around 2.0 so I decided to lay off to recover half of that 300 if no more goals came but the price climbed out to quick for me to be matched so I said fuck it and decided to let what will be will be.  Then, in the 84th minute, Leo Messi answered my prayers and tapped home Barca’s second and overs was born.

At one point, had things not gone right, my account would have been left with 8 pounds and some change.  That would have been a loss of 470.00 on the day.  But somehow the gambling gods decided to favour me today and I managed to turn that round to end up with a nigh on 30% increase of my starting bank.  That is definitely it for me for today so I’ll leave you with the spreadsheet showing the final tally for the day.

Start Bank      :    478.26
End Bank        :    616.98
Profit / Loss    : + 138.72 (After Commission)


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