Day Off ?

Today could be a day off for me as I have to go out and do some other work..there’s an outside chance I’ll be finished by 3pm my time but there are only two matches left at that time and both are pish.  I will post later though as I’ve been meaning to tell you another ‘war story’ from days gone by.  Back later.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>> I got back a little earlier than I thought and settled for trying to nick a few quid from the Serie B game at Vicenza.  The market expects a low scoring affair so I’ve placed a couple of correct score bets in favour of the home side, 1-0 and 2-0, and I’ve also placed a cover bet on Cittadella to win in the Match Odds section so a goal either way should see me OK.  To be honest I need a break from the footy so I’m hoping this match works out as if it doesn’t I’ll be taking a loss on the day as I don’t think I’ll bother with any of the other games.  As for the war story I’ll see if I can write that up today ready for publishing tomorrow.  Will be back in a while with an update.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>> The market almost got it right as far as the goalcount went and but for a dying seconds chip of Vicenza’s keeper it would have finished with just the one goal from the away side.  At the start of the second half I layed the 0-0 scoreline and went away to make some tea.  I sat back at my desk just in time to see Cittadella being awarded a penalty which they scored from.  Vicenza looked very lively following the goal so I layed the 0-1 to leave me with a pound green if the score remained unchanged or 15 green otherwise.  I also layed Cittadella in the Match Odds section at this point ‘just in case’ to leave me at least 18 quid green whatever the result.  The second gaol right at the end was a nice bonus so I finished up taking 32 quid and some change from the game.  Now I can rest and get myself geared up for tomorrow.  Spreadsheet below.

Start Bank      :    446.08
End Bank        :    478.26
Profit / Loss    : + 32.18 (After Commission)


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