Thursday’s Action

I’ve been running around all morning trying to get some little admin type jobs done before the football kicks in proper but I did (foolishly) have an interest in the earlier game between Seattle and Brann.  It amounted to nothing but the upside is I waited until 20 minutes into the game before placing the lay so I paid out at just over even money.

The 1pm kick offs have now arrived and I’ve taken Shakhtar to do a demolition job at home to Fulham, covering the 3-0, 3-1, and 3-2 respectively as a start.  I need to find a feed to watch now so I’m off to do that and will update later.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>> Well  I got that one completely wrong !  First disaster was not being able to find a feed of any sort so I couldn’t follow the play.  I layed the 0-0 half time score at just under 2/1 so was pleased when that came in however I was expecting the goal to come from the home side not from Fulham.  I spent the whole of half time glued to the Betfair screen wondering what to do next.  I figured that Shakhtar couldn’t just lay down, they had to attack, so either way the score must change again at least once whether it be from pressure from the home side or an away side counter so I waited until the second half got underway and layed the 0-1 to give me green on everything and huge red on 0-1.  Thankfully Shakhtar scored and I spent the rest of the match laying off some of my bigger green that I didn’t think would get matched given the late stage of the game.

Next up is the Sporting Lisbon v Everton affair and I have gone for an outright Everton win.  Any team that thrashes Man Utd by two clear goals has to be in good form and Lisbon’s domestic efforts of late have been piss poor so I’m taking Everton to come away on top.  Match is about to begin so I’m off to see if I can find somewhere to watch it.  Back later.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>> Holy shitebags on toast my picks are cursed today.  Everton decided to sit on their advantage going into the match and try to keep Sporting out.  Despite dominating the first half Sporting couldn’t find the net and my hal time 0-0 lay went south.  I managed to come out ahead on this game by manipulating the Match odds, before and after the first goal to finish all green (though I was green for zero quid on a Sporting win).  My plan from this point on was to recoup the money I had lost in the first half so I layed the 1-0 full time score as once Sporting had scored the first they went for the jugular and finished off by winning comfortably to see off Everton’s Europa bid.

My next match, and what I expect to be my final match as I’m already big green on it, is the Copa Lib game between Blooming and Lanus.  One word could be used to describe Blooming – shit – and it’s with that in mind that I backed Lanus outright at the start of the match.  Then what happens ?  Blooming score a cracker of a goal from around 35 yards out.  The half volley couldn’t have been sweeter leaving the Lanus keeper wondering where that ball came from.  This was actually a good thing as no way are Lanus losing to this bunch, however the market says their price must go up if they are a goal down and it duly did so I put more on Lanus to win the game.  I then layed the 1-0 half time score and waited for the charge.  Lanus haven’t disappointed and go into half time 2-1 up.  I’ve greened up in the Match odds section and I took 40 quid out of the half time score section so now it’s a case of waiting until the match is over to see whether or not Lanus hold onto their lead or not as that’s where the largest green sits.  I’ll bung up the spready and what not after this game is done.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>> Lanus added 2 more goals to their tally to cruise the match by 4 goals to 1.  I couldn’t believe the price for unquoted after they scored their third – you could get above evens a full 23 minutes before the match ended so I had a bit on that to round off what has been a very satisfactory day.  I added almost 33% to my bank today and while the last few days have all been positive ones I have to remind myself that you can’t win every day.  It’s periods like this where you have to keep sharp and not dive in and place bets just because you’re on a good run.  That said I’ll probably fuck up royally tomorrow and ignore my own advice.  I’ve made some very minor tweaks to my spreadsheet to tidy it up a bit but unless you look very hard you won’t see what I’ve done.  Back tomorrow.

Start Bank      :    337.17
End Bank        :    446.08
Profit / Loss    : + 108.91 (After Commission)


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