I Don’t Like Mondays

So sang Bob Geldof and I have to say I agree.  Today is a non day as far as finding inspiration goes and I should have passed on it completely but I’ve managed to dig one of those holes I referred to in my very first post.

I’ve been out most of the morning, having had to find some wood for a DIY project then doing a bit of computer ‘hand holding’ for my girlfriend’s dad, and instead of just chilling I decided to see what was going on in the world of in play football.  The match in progress was the Fenerbahce v Bursaspor game and I watched for a bit and as usual a goal was scored as I was getting myself geared up for a possible entry into the game.  A third goal was scored by half time and both teams were looking lively so I placed a tentative lay bet of the 2-1 half time score with almost 20 minutes of the game remaining but no further goals were scored so I lost a tiny bit.

I’ve since layed the 2-1 in the correct score market but now I’m wishing I hadn’t as that goal hasn’t come and I only have 15 minutes remaining before I take an unreasonably large hit mainly because I just couldn’t take a step back and call it a day.  The match isn’t boring by anyone’s standards but the ball isn’t finding the net.  I’ll wait until this has finished before updating the spreadsheet then I’ll have to see if there is anything left worth getting involved in.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>>  I have to admit that in all the matches I have ever watched, and that’s a lot, I’ve never actually witnessed a ref give a free kick to the attacking side in the defenders’ penalty box that wasn’t a penalty (ie, ball not placed on spot and a defending wall allowed).  Today I broke my duck in the Fener match as the ref gave a free kick to Bursaspor a yard or two inside the right hand corner of Fenerbahce’s 18 yard box.  The free kick was awarded as the ref deemed the Fener player to be guilty of a high boot (was 6 of one and half a dozen of the other as the Bursa player’s boot was just as high).  Once taken the kick was deflected off an onrushing defender’s boot and flicked over the wallto nestle in the far corner and my lay of 2-1 was safe.  5 minutes later Bursa broke away on a counter and slotted away their third goal for an amazing comeback to win the match 3-2. 

I fancied goals in the Valencia game so I backed over 1.5 goals to be scored in the first half but sadly the only goal of the half came too late for me to be able to trade out so a small loss was incurred there.  However, a lay of the 2-0 score in the second half  following the second goal came in thanks to a red card reducing Valencia to 10 and a determined effort from Getafe, the scoreline finishing 2-1.

With only Brazilian shite left I’m calling it a day as I would be kicking myself if I give back my meagre profit as a result of betting in a game I know I should be avoiding.  Day’s action is captured below.

Start Bank      :    199.62
End Bank        :    211.38
Profit / Loss    : + 11.76 (After Commission)


2 Responses to I Don’t Like Mondays

  1. Kokoooooooo says:

    Your blog is awesome, I love it! Like you Ii trade mostly footy and like your strategy of laying the HT 0-0. I will have a look at it to see how it goes.
    Please could you consider adding my blog to yours?


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