Who The F**k Are Man United ?

So Everton have now humped both Chelsea and Man Utd in the space of 10 days the upstarts that they are.  This puts a real dent in United’s Premiership challenge and I have to say I can’t see Chelsea losing to Wolves but you never know.  United didn’t really seem to be fired up and Wayne Rooney almost seemed to be trying too hard.  Anyway, a disappointing result as a fan, but as far as punting goes I made some money from the game at Goodison by riding the scores however I gave a bit back as the Turkish Super Lig match between Eskisehirspor and Genclerbirligi ended goalless in the first half though the home side did hit the crossbar 5 minutes from  the interval.  Only 1 further involvement for me so far and it looks like more money headed down the pan as the Hamburg v Frankfurt match looks destined for a 0-0 scoreline at half time.

Not sure how the rest of the day is going to pan out as there are things going on in town that we might nip out to take a look at.  There will be updates throughout the day though.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>> Since I last posted I’ve been busy beavering away and nicking a few quid here and there but I could suffer a reversal on the day if the second half of the Inter v Sampdoria match doesn’t work out.  Inter are down to 9 men and after my lay of 0-0 half time bit the dust I placed a bet on Samp to win so I need a positive second half from them and no rising to Inter’s spoiling tactics.  They need to keep that 2 man advantage and make good use of it.  I hope they break the deadlock as otherwise all my efforts of the last 2 days go out the window.  Second half is about to start so I’m off to watch it.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>> HOW SHIT ARE SAMPDORIA ????  They have a 2 man advantage so what do they do ? They decide in their infinite wisdom that the game plan for the second half is to pass the ball about for 25 minutes in a bid to tire out Inter then they will go for the jugular.  So 20 odd minutes of this shite pass and the card happy ref gives a second yellow to some daft Sampdoria twat and it’s now 9 v 10.  I have to give Inter their due they didn’t sit back and almost closed the door with about 10 to go but the shot was blasted straight at the keeper and that was that.  Those fucking useless pricks have set me back big time and from this day forward I will never bet on them to win again ever, I don’t care if it’s the local blind school they are playing against.

Rant over, though I’m still seething, and so I’ve gone against one of my self imposed rules (which is to try not to bet in shit leagues like the Brazilian Paulista) and I’ve layed the 0-0 HT score between Corinthians and Rio Branco.  I haven’t got the stomach to actually watch it so I’m listening to commentary as it’s less likely to give me a stroke that way.  Win or lose it’s the last action for me today so I’ll post up the spreadsheet and what not after this first 45 comes to a close.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>> Well in desperation I watched the second half of the Corinthians match and bet on it as well.  I’m sorry but you can’t tell me that the final score wasn’t rigged as Corinthians dominated throughout and could have scored at will but chose not to.  Final score was 0-0 to round off a thoroughly demoralising day.  Spready below in two parts cos one screenshot couldn’t cover it all.

Start Bank      :    235.22
End Bank        :    168.18
Profit / Loss    : – 67.04 (After Commission)


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