Banned From Betfair

It’s just over a month since Betfair decided to ban me from posting on the forums and no amount of pleading with them at the time would make them change their mind.  Now this ban isn’t for a few weeks or a couple of months, it’s a lifetime ban.  What pisses me off the most is that there had been a slew of threads prior to the thread that was picked up, over the course of a few weeks, that were basically edgy insults (never with the intention to really hit a nerve) exchanged between the same handful of posters that were allowed to go unmolested by the mods then BOOM, out of the blue two bans get dished out, one for me and one for another guy.

In days gone by I treated a forum ban as a blessing (I was banned years ago for a few months for, shock horror, swearing) as there were rather a lot of dickheads around at the time whose sole purpose in life was to clutter up the forums with their 500 posts a day and I have to say it got to me so a posting ban was a good thing then.

Nowadays there are still dickheads posting every day but I have learned to tune them out and a ban isn’t quite as convenient.  There are one or two posters whose insight I respect and I miss having the ability to check out their take on a particular match or horse race.  If anyone from Betfair is reading this I’d like to say that your hit & miss banning policy sucks and you should implement a points based scheme whereby a poster gets WARNED and awarded demerit points (which decay over time if the poster wises up and plays nice).  After a poster gets to a predetermined number of points (say 10) then he’s kicked out for a finite period of time, say 1-3 months.  This ban would count as Strike 1.  If further bans are incurred they would become Strike 2 and so on.  Only if a poster manages to achieve Strike 3 should he be given a life ban.  I don’t get many readers currently as this blog is new but I’d welcome anyone’s comments on this so thanks in advance if you post a reply.

OK, now that’s off my chest we have business to attend to in the form of some in play football matches.  The encounter I’m most looking forward to is the Bayern game and I hope they batter the crap out of Fiorentina.  I’m not overly bothered with the Arsenal game as I think it may be a tight encounter and so I’m tempted to swerve it (plus the fact that it’s on at the same time as the Bayern game and I don’t normally get involved in more than one game at a time).  Anyway, that’s pretty much it for now so stand by for an update later.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>> Bayern Munich appear to have lost the bit of paper with their game plan written on it so if anyone finds it can you run it round to the Allianz Arena sharpish.  What a load of shite this game has been so far with Bayern totally underserving to be going in at half time a goal up.  Hopefully the second half will be more akin to a Champions League match as opposed to a Copa Libertadores match.  Speaking of which I got bored whilst waiting for the Bayern game to start and had a small lay of 0-0 HT in the Brazilian game between Rio Branco and Monte Azul which, as I type, stands at 0-0 with about 5 minutes left to play.  I should have known better.  Anyway, Bayern are back on…I layed the 0-0 in the first half and have a bet of 1-1 going forward into the second half so here’s hoping…

UPDATE>>>>>>>>> So Fiorentina pulled one back early in the second half and then Bayern made some positive changes and brought on some experience in Olic and Klose and almost instantly they were transformed though it took until the 89th minute for a clearly offside goal to be allowed and they won the game.   I layed the 1-1 score twice following the Fiora equaliser, once to lock in some green and a second time after Bayern started battering them in the final 10 minutes so this match was a good result for me.  The return match should see some fireworks as Fiora were robbed on the night by some awful refereeing decisions that ultimately cost them the game and they will be looking to put things right.

I see Betfair was down for a while earlier but now it’s back up so I’m off to see what’s left…more later.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>> Took a few quid from a 0-0 HT lay in the Flamengo match then bailed out of that to concentrate on the Copa match in Ecuador where Deportivo Cuenca hosted Banfield.  I got it completely wrong in the correct score market but still profited on the game by laying the 0-0 HT score though Betfair was acting up throughout in that the grids weren’t showing my liabilities and the ‘My Bets’ said I didn’t have any bets on yet I clearly did as my account total had been debited (and credited after the wins).  It made no difference restarting Betfair and clearing out the cache as every new bet I made failed to show (unless I shut Betfair down and restarted it).  A call to the helpdesk didn’t solve my issue and the girl said they were still having site problems though it was confined to Poker.  Best it’s sorted out for tomorrow as it’s a pain in the arsehole as it is right now.

Final tally for the day is a bank increase of almost 42% and the spreadsheet and P&L are shown below.

Start Bank      :    108.61
End Bank        :    152.30
Profit / Loss    : + 43.69 (After Commission)


One Response to Banned From Betfair

  1. Lol
    You’re in good company with the ban. 🙂
    They even managed to ban me from poker chat when some bitch was stalking me and I complained about it. Lol

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