Tuesday Musings

Not much to look forward to today with the exception of the Milan v Man Utd game which I’m quite looking forward to and hoping for a decent effort from United.  Rio is back in defence and his experience will be much welcomed in a game like this.  If Wayne Rooney plays up to his recent form Milan are in for a torrid time at the back.

In the meantime I dipped into the Debrecen game trying out something different to get the day underway which paid off so that was a reasonable start.  With the first half of that match out of the way I turned to the Everton v Sporting game and settled for my usual lay of 0-0 at HT.  As the game progressed i got more and more frustrated as Sporting were clearly playing for a draw with few attacks of note.  Everton weren’t exactly over cautious but with ten minutes of the half remaining a well worked move down the right flank saw the ball cut into the penalty box and a nice back heel found Pienaar who tucked the ball into the net under pressure.  More money in the tank.  I think Everton should now have the confidence to press forward more and will score again so as the second half begins I’ve had a small punt on 2-0.  Just heard from commentary that Becks will start against United tonight so even more reason to savour the match.  More later…

UPDATE>>>>>>>>> Just finished watching the Milan game and it turned out well in the end.  Milan took charge after only 3 minutes and throughout the first half always looked like adding another.  A freak miskick from Paul Scholes found the net towards the end of the half and it was game on.  Rooney was quiet in the first half mainly due in my mind to the piss poor service he was getting especially from Nani whose most useful contribution was when he jogged off the pitch to allow the more talented Valencia to replace him.

Valencia hadn’t been on the pitch for more than a minute when his pace got him behind the defender whereupon he floated a beautiful cross in that was headed home by Wayne Rooney and United took the lead.  Less than ten minutes later and Roon bagged his second with another header from a perfectly weighted flick forward from Fletcher and United lead by two goals.  Milan struck back with only 5 minutes to go after a lovely piece of skill from Seedorf and that would be the end of the scoring.  During all this action I was busy backing and laying and managed to increase my bank even further so up to this point a good day so far…a United victory and I’m up on the day.

There are only two in play games left and I’m hoping for comfortable victories to the home sides in both encounters but these are Copa Libertadores matches and strange things can happen.  More later…

UPDATE>>>>>>>>> Well, I go from happy to seriously pissed off in the space of 45 minutes.  Actually it didn’t take the whole 45 minutes, probably only 30.  In case you haven’t guessed I’m talking about this Copa bullshit between Colo Colo and some other bunch of idiots.  So it’s finished 0-0 in this first half and it’s cost me 25 quid.  I hate losing money on this shit and I get a blind senseless urge to look to recover my losses straight away and I’m gonna do the same here.  Not sure what to do though as this could stay 0-0 or end up unquoted…it’s anyone’s guess.  More to follow…

UPDATE>>>>>>>>> So the second half was on a par with the first though there was a goal which did nothing for me.  I backed over 1.5 goals and bailed out as the price for unders got just above 2.3 for a tiny profit either way.  The home side had 14 corner kicks and did nothing with any of them such was the standard of football here.  Anyway, must press on as there’s one last potentially shite game left between Libertad and Blooming Santa Cruz.  I’ve thrown caution to the wind here and placed a bet on Any Unquoted in the first half, hoping that Libertad will come out all guns blazing and score at least two in the first 45 to give me a chance to green out.  Game is underway so off I pop to watch it…

UPDATE>>>>>>>>>  I was just in the process of searching for a sharp blade with which to slash my wrists when Libertad FINALLY scored an effing goal with less than a minute to go in the half.  Jesus H Christ on a bike this stuff is brutal to watch.  As the half wore on it became obvious there was only one team going to score but the question was when ?  The price for AU in the first half had soared above 100 after about 25 minutes so I knew that only 3 goals would see me paid out on that, not even two goals late on would bring it down to where I could trade out so I placed a bet on the home side to win the half 1-0.  When the price for 0-0 dipped below 1.8 I layed that as well leaving me with a big risk on a 0-0 scoreline, nice green on 1-0, and zero for any other score bar AU. Thank christ for the goal as otherwise I was looking at a whole days work down the toilet.  Ended up making a tad over 150% on the day so very happy with that.  Spreadsheet below (it’s a little bit cut off but the whole day’s action is shown).


Start Bank      :    42.02
End Bank        :    108.61
Profit / Loss    : + 66.59  (After Commission)


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