Today Is Family Day In Ontario

Basically today is a day off for most folk here in Ontario so nothing much happens as all the shops are shut (at least the important ones like the beer store and such like).  My domestic task today, as directed by her indoors, is to paint a window casement and once it’s dry hang a blind inside it.  The only real issue I have with this job is that the window in question is a real bastard to get at with a ladder as it’s at the top of the stairs and ladder placement is precarious at best.  I fully intend to be having a go at a couple of the in play matches later on but if I fail to post at the end of the day it’s probably because the ladder slipped and I fell down the stairs and broke my neck.  Time will tell.

Enough of the DIY talk and on to the punting…I’m going to try something I haven’t done for a while today and hopefully I won’t be left seething after losing my bank.  I used to belong to a group of guys who layed horses for a living and I have spreadsheets going back years with results showing the viability of a strategy that we used every day to reach our individual targets.

Today’s exercise is to make 20% of my bank by placing lay bets on the 0-0 half time scores from todays in play matches.  The first bet is already on though it’s a tough match to start with but there’s still 10 minutes to go in the first half of the Super Lig match between Bursaspor and Trabzonspor.  I don’t want to fall at the first fence here but it’s looking likely however the strategy is such that given a couple of favourable results in the next few games I should be OK.  More to follow………….

UPDATE>>>>>>>>> A piss poor start to the day with both of the first two in play matches ending goalless in the first half so the account took a pummelling.  An early goal in the English match saw a few quid returned to the satchel then a stroke of luck in the Tenerife game saw a bit more clawed back after a clear offside decision wasn’t given and Tenerife scored the only goal of the game.

So, with four matches bet on and one remaining I had decisions to make…either stop at a small loss or press on for the target so I pressed on.  Portuguese matches are usually shit and this one proved to be no different.  No real sense of urgency and no real clue when presented with chances.  The first half ended goalless and as far as my strategy was concerned I ended up just over 23 quid down.  As there was nothing else to do, and out of sheer boredom, I watched the second half of this garbage on and off and towards the end following a raft of substitutions it looked like both teams were making more of an effort to get forward.  I layed the draw with about 10 mins plus injury time to go and watched open mouthed as Naval squandered a gift of a chance from 3 yards out.  It’s very difficult to miss the net from that distance, even with a header, but the idiot managed to head a set piece cross wide with a free header.  A bit more down the drain and I’m relieved it’s all over.

Today wasn’t really a good day to be playing the way I did as there were only a few matches and they all overlapped which is not what you want when following the laying strategy I was using.  As I mentioned earlier the strategy was developed for laying horses and after the first horse on your list you only lay the second horse after the result of the first race is known and so on.  To apply this strategy to football matches you need to be targeting matches that are at least 45 minutes apart for kick off times.

I may give it a go again next weekend but until then I have to get some money in the bank as it’s pitifully low.  Spreadsheet updated below.

Start Bank      :    83.20
End Bank        :    42.02
Profit / Loss    : – 41.18 (After Commission)


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