Luck At Last

Well it’s high time I had a bit of good fortune instead of the recent disasters I’ve had to put up with so it’s nice to report that I had a decent day today.  I was staring another big hit (percentage wise) to my account but a 90th minute goal in the Frankfurt game saved the day.  Luck was on my side again in the Braga match as, during the attack that resulted in Braga’s second goal, the replay showed the ball had clearly crossed the line and a throw in to Maritimo should have been awarded but the blind linesman waved play on.  How he didn’t give the throw is beyond me as he had to step out of the way to allow the players room to run up the line.  Anyway I’ll take it as I need all the breaks I can get.

I was going to call it a day but the prospect of goals in the Barca match was too good to pass on so I went with a small punt on over 3.5.  After Atletico opened the scoring I watched for a bit then had a change of heart and decided to bail out so as not to lose my stake.  Two more goals followed and the price to lay Over 3.5 got as low as 1.06 where I suspect many fingers were burnt as the scoreline did not change after the third goal had been scored.  All in all a decent day and my bank increased by over 150% on the day so I’m well pleased.  Spreadsheet below.

Start Bank      :    32.50
End Bank        :    83.20
Profit / Loss    : + 50.70 (After Commission)


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