More Garbage

Missed all the decent football as I was tasked to do some plumbing in the kitchen though I did manage to get up early enough to have a go at the Chelsea game which paid off then I duly gave it all back again on the Southampton Pompey game (a game with no goals in the first half and 5 in the second just to piss me off).

Only two in play matches remained after I was done replacing taps and sink wastes so like a dick I decided to get involved instead of leaving it til tomorrow.  That’s the dumb arsed kind of thing you do when you have an account with next to nothing in it.  Anyway, I managed to pick another goalless shambles of a game in Mexico.  I wouldn’t pay some of these guys in rusty washers…they have no idea where the goals are even when they are standing right in front of them.  I fucking despair at the levels of incompetence in football that is played on the American continent.  Spreadsheet below.

Start Bank      :    50.08
End Bank        :    32.50
Profit / Loss    : – 17.58 (After Commission)


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