Quiet Friday

Not much action for me today.  I had to go out for the best part of the day and when I got back in there were only a couple of matches left to be played so I had a choice, either leave it until tomorrow or try for a few quid.  Of the two matches left I decided to opt for over 2.5 goals in the Arsenal v Tigre match, reason being both sides have been letting in goals as the season gets underway.  The match is about 20 minutes old as I type and Tigre are a goal up so things are going the right way.  I’ll update at the end of the match.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>>  Another goal shy of a result.  Tigre had a second goal disallowed in the first half but went on to score a second about 20 minutes into the second half so things looked good as there was still almost half an hour for a third but it never came.  Top tip…lay this Arsenal side every time they play as they are clueless.  Plenty of running about and trying to look like they know what they were doing but ultimately they were fucking shite in the final third.  I don’t think they had a shot or a header on target to even test the keeper let alone beat him all through the match. 

I have to say I’m disappointed though once again I chose to get involved in this crud so I have no one else to blame but myself.  Spready etc below.

Start Bank      :    60.08
End Bank        :    50.08
Profit / Loss    : – 10.00 (After Commission)


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