There Should Be Video Referees In Football – Discuss

In my opinion DARN STRAIGHT there should.  Here we have the biggest sport in the world, bar none, and it’s still in the stone age when it comes to officiating.  There are ever increasing incidents where players deliberately attempt to con the ref into giving a decision that, upon further examination after watching the replay, should never have been awarded.  Outside the penalty box it’s more of a hindrance than anything else as play constantly stops and starts as free kicks are given but inside the penalty box is a different story.

Football is nothing without goals and as a fan and a punter I want goals and preferably lots of them BUT I don’t want goals as a result of cheating.  On the other side of the coin I am just as incensed when referees dismiss game changing events because he either didn’t see the action properly or saw it but gave the wrong decision. 

The motivation for this mini rant is as a result of two dubious decisions given in two days in games I have been involved in for betting purposes.  Yesterdays Copa game between Uni Catolica and Colon saw a penalty awarded to the home team after a blatant dive with no contact made between defender and attacker.  At this point the score was 1-1 and I was on over 2.5 goals.  I can honestly admit that I wasn’t at all dismayed when the penalty was saved as it arose from a player deliberately cheating.  In today’s match up in Turkey between Trabzonspor and IBB there was a stonewall penalty about halfway into the match that was waved off by the referee.  A trained monkey would have pointed to the spot but not this ref.  My bet was a lay of 0-0 in the first half and that decision could have cost me money had it not been for a 40th minute goal for the home side.

It’s high time a video referee was introduced into football as the officials clearly aren’t fully up to the task in my opinion.  Who cares about the time overhead ?  It doesn’t take more than a few seconds for a qualified official to scrutinise a replay and convey a message to the ref on the pitch in the event of a tricky call.  Christ, they even have video refs in Bull Riding ffs.  Anyway, rant over, I watch a lot of football and I’m sick of constantly being conned by cheating players and crappy referees.  More later….

UPDATE>>>>>>>>> French football is shit.  I foolishly chose the Toulouse game for my next bet and I’m wishing I hadn’t.  They are so fecking lazy.  This toulouse side could wipe the floor with Brest but they are fucking about trying to walk the ball through the 18 yard box and dick dancing around out on the wings instead of getting crosses in.  It’s not quite half time yet but I’m thinking my bet of Toulouse to win is doomed to fail unless they get a grip.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>> Got called out to do some work so had to leave the French bet running.  I managed to get near a phone and a pc and the uneasy feeling I had about Toulouse was well founded.  They went a goal down so I stuck in a lay of Brest in the hope of an equaliser.  The complete opposite of what I wanted happened and Brest finished the game two goals to the good.

So here’s where things get tricky as when I’m faced with a fairly big loss in relation to my bank I look for an immediate fix instead of cooling off for a while.  I piled into Man Utd to give Villa a doing in a bid to recoup my losses plus a bit extra.  You all know what happened so I won’t go into detail.  As a last gasp effort I layed the draw almost at the end of time just in case but it wasn’t to be.  The only consolation in that whole mess was that Chelsea got beat so Man Utd stole another point on them.

I’m now looking to claw back whatever I can from the rest of the day but it’s all dodgy Copa matches so who knows what will happen.  Currently I’m all in on under 2.5 in the Bolivar game which was still 0-0 when I started this update…I just checked to see the score and I see it’s now 0-2 still with minutes to play.  This is not good.

UPDATE>>>>>>>>>  Well I took a moment to glance at the score and I saw the suspended sign so either the match was over or another goal had gone in…I quickly got the feed back onto the screen in time to see Bolivar scoring a penalty and what will be the third goal of this cheap encounter.  Then in the 92nd minute the away side popped in a third to seal the deal for a 1-3 scoreline that was 0-0 until the 72nd minute.  You just couldn’t make this shit up.

When I got up this morning I didn’t expect to be posting that yet another Betfair bank gets wiped out but that’s how it is and I am really fucking pissed off at how the day has gone.  Even though I made the call to get involved in the French game I still feel cheated because Toulouse would batter Brest 9 times out of 10.  In the first 15 minutes they really did look the better side which is why I backed them.  Had they won then I’d be sitting here smiling but they didn’t so I chased and now I’m all pissed off.  I have too many thoughts running through my head just now so I’ll leave it there.  Spready and P&L below…

Start Bank      :    415.70
End Bank        :    3.24
Profit / Loss    : – 412.46 (After Commission)


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