Are The Balls Filled With Helium For Copa Matches ?

Holy shit it’s frustrating watching these idiots sometimes.  It had been a fairly reasonable day and I mulled over whether or not to bother with the last in play game of the night, Lanus v Libertad.  I opted to give it a go hoping for a goal before half time then I was gonna call it quits.  What a shambolic display by both teams.  I’m sure they must practice sending the ball into row Z, either that or the balls are filled with helium, because every shot on goal in the first half went skyward and ended up at the back of the stand.  Diabolical passing and generally not giving a toss after fluffing some very decent chances seemed to be the order of the day and it’s a wonder my veins haven’t burst open.

But this is the Copa Libertadores after all and anyone who has watched it and punted on the games know how hit and miss it can be.  It’s also worth mentioning that a 0-0 first half more often than not results in a goalfest in the second half so with that in mind I stuck a score on the over 2.5 which almost came off.  I’m just glad it’s over as there’s only so much ineptitude a man can take.

It appears I have a few readers now after Stripped1977 kindly added me to his blogroll so if you’re reading Stripped many thanks for that.  And another plus was I managed to increase my bank by just over 33% today which isn’t too shabby and  by the end of play tomorrow I want to see a balance of over 500.  As ever the spready and P&L are reproduced below.

Start Bank      :    307.90
End Bank        :    415.70
Profit / Loss    : + 107.80 (After Commission)


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