A Not So Manic Monday

Suffered my first losing day since I funded the account this time round.  It wasn’t a great amount in money but in % terms it was over 17.5%.  To be honest I should have let today go by and not bothered but when I’m building a bank I’m constantly looking for something to have a go at.  This was borne out by the fact that after my half time score lay in the Copenhagen match went sour I opted to have a punt on a horse running in a 2 mile NH Flat race at Lingfield for heavens sake.  No surprise to see that it lost given the amount of thought that went into that selection.

The rest of the day was up and down though I did think I was in with a shout in the Brazilian match where I placed one of the muggiest bets you can place – I bet on a correct score of 2-1.  I had done a bit of research beforehand and the stats said it would be 2-1 or thereabouts all things being even.  I had found a feed that was pretty good until around the 30th minute then it went offline never to return (where do these feeds go to ?).  It was 1-0 at the break so I picked up a few quid for that but I had to sit infront of my pc all through the second half to get ready to trade if the goals went my way.  The home side scored a second with a fair way still to go in the match so I waited a while then layed the 2-0 hoping for a third goal as I was green all over except on the current score.  I was watching the price get lower and lower for the correct score of 2-0 and at 1.58 a whopping 131,861 appeared on the lay side and that figure, plus or minus a few hundred, kept appearing at all sorts of prices all the way down to 1.2 so some one was confident of a final score of 2-0 and that’s how it ended.

Here’s the updated spreadsheet followed by the P&L…

Start Bank      :    374.10
End Bank        :    307.90
Profit / Loss    : – 66.20 (After Commission)


2 Responses to A Not So Manic Monday

  1. stripped1977 says:

    Thanks swearbox for your lengthly comment and yes a lot of what you say is true. At the moment the phase I am in is trying to build a healthy bank and I don’t mind to keep ploughing away as long as there is signs that I am heading in the right direction but if I can’t get my emotions and discipline under control well then you will be a loser in this game , so for me at the moment that is my challenge.

    I wish you the very best with your blog ( and betting ) and there is no problem adding a link. Consider it done!!!!

  2. swearbox says:

    Hey thanks for sticking me in your blogroll Stripped….I now have some readers..woohooo!!

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