Up And Down Sunday

Well today started really well – then came the Fenerbahce game.  I really expected a decent show from Fener but they were utter garbage and missed several decent chances in the first half.  If I lose in the first half of a game I will, if I think it’s going to be worth it, try to recoup in the second half but this showing was pathetic so I took a 40 quid hit (more than 50% of my gains on the day up to that point) and moved on. 

I watched the first 5 or 10 minutes of the Guimareas match and they were bossing Pacos Ferreira in every department.  The 0-0 HT lay came in nicely and the way things were going I felt that Guimaraes had at least one more in them before half time so I duly layed the 1-0.  The lay came good but not because of Guimaraes…Pacos got a free kick awarded about 3 yards goal side of the centre circle and the kick taker let loose a bullet of a shot that almost ripped the net off.  If you can find it on Youtube or somewhere take a look because it was an absolute belter.

I should have stepped out at that point but I thought there were more goals to come as Guimaraes were still bossing the play.  My lay of 1-1 was sunk and I lost a bit.  I attempted to recoup my small loss in the second half but Guimaraes went off the boil and I lost a bit more so all in all I could have made 82 quid minus commish had I quit at 1-1 but I ended up winning 4 pounds and change.

I chose the Porto match as my next (and final) target and after some research decided that over 2.5 was the way to go.  I bet accordingly but as I watched the game I started to worry about not getting the goals I needed so I placed a bail out bet to cut my losses then as the game wore on and the prices changed I placed a further bet to limit the damage even further if I didn’t get two more goals.  Porto were always in charge but missed a ton of chances yet I still fancied them to score a second so I went to the correct score market with a view to laying the 1-0 scoreline and BOOM, they scored.  I took stock and resigned myself to taking a small loss on the unders market and then with only a few minutes of the game left they banged in a third.  Another match where I started out with a potential to win 80 quid plus and I ended up actually winning 1.34. 

At least it wasn’t a losing day but I wasn’t happy about the money I lost by staying in the market too long instead of quitting when I’d made a decent amount and moving on.  That said there are times when it pays to ride along when a team is looking good and scoring goals.  Spreadsheet is updated and shown below

Start Bank        :    337.02
End Bank          :    374.10
Profit / Loss      : + 37.08 (After Commission)


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