Good End To The Day

Well I had a pleasing second day on the punt though it started with a couple of bad picks. The German game was complete garbage with a first half littered with cheap fouls and sneaky dives…it’s a wonder the ref’s whistle didn’t break. The shite must have continued in the second half as the game finished 0-0. I moved on to the Merseyside derby and as I watched the game I really thought there would be a goal in the first half. It wasn’t to be though and more of my bank went to the backers as another first half finished 0-0. When Liverpool scored I should have taken the money and left that game alone but some sides get fired up when a man down and that can result in more goals so I layed the 1-0. I found myself greening up on the correct score market to limit the damage in case of no more goals. It turned out to be the correct thing to do.

I rarely get involved with more than one game at a time but today was a rare exception as I got into the Man Utd and Man City games simultaneously. I have to say City were very poor in the first half and didn’t look up for it at all. A late first half goal for Hull City saw my 0-0 HT lay come in so that was the end of that match.

I fancied Utd to pummel the dregs of the table and bet accordingly. Ten minutes to go in the first half and I was cursing my luck even though Utd looked supremely confident…I was beginning to wonder if I would have to wait until the second half for goals but in the blink of an eye they went two up and that meant money in the satchel from the 0-0 HT lay and a good starter for the Unquoted. I was toying with the idea of greening up in the correct score market at 3-0 but before I could make my mind up the lazy Bulgarian put the 4th goal in and that was that.

So all in all a good day today with a bank increase of over 50%…just wish every day could be like that. Updated spreadsheet and P&L below…

Start Bank      :     202.30
End Bank        :     337.02
Profit / Loss    : + 134.72 (After Commission)


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